Aziksa: Creating the Proficient Leaders of Tomorrow

Santosh Jha, Founder & CEO, AziksaSantosh Jha, Founder & CEO
With the proliferation of digitalization, organizations are struggling to keep their employees abreast of the latest advances in technology and help them develop the core competencies required to operate in the digital ecosystem. “Our sole reason for existence is to assist anyone who wishes to learn through our unique solution that blends human resources and technology,” begins the Founder & CEO of Aziksa, Santosh Jha. Aziksa brings a unique perspective to the corporate learning management system (LMS) landscape that results in an enhanced educational experience for clients.

In the field of corporate training, while employers ensure that employees are informed, employer fails to follow up on employee proficiency to get the job done. Aziksa focuses on delivering virtual lessons that enrich the learning process and helps students achieve proficiency in the given subject, be it through hands-on learning or group discussions. Their integrated virtual classroom solution delivers the perfect combination of automated administration and effective content delivery to create a platform for corporate-level training. Aziksa’s tools are designed to push beyond the conventional information relaying software to leave a meaningful impact on the students. These solutions are not bound by regional barriers; a perfect illustration being the platform Aziksa designed for a global corporation to cater to employees from over 12 different language backgrounds.

With a range of cloud-based services including, virtual classrooms, virtual labs, live training sessions, and a content delivery platform, Aziksa can easily integrate their platform into any systems architecture. Rather than selling pre-designed tools, the company works closely with clients to understand the nature of their requirements and designs the solutions accordingly.

Our instructors ensure that the students understand the concepts while our virtual labs reinforce them through technical training

These solutions are integrated with assessment engines that perform continuous formative and summative assessments of the learners. The virtual classroom facilitates collaboration among students which enables them to learn from peers. Aziksa acknowledges the equal importance of both the human element as well as the need for hands-on experience as part of the learning process. “Our instructors ensure that the students understand the concepts while our virtual labs reinforce them through technical training,” explains Jha.

Aziksa has successfully helped multiple clients reap the benefits of shifting to this LMS. A major US-based postgraduate college was using the e-learning system of a company with over 100 years of experience to handle the education of a large number of students enrolled in the distance learning program. However, the pass ratio for their certification course was extremely low. After implementing Aziksa’s solution, the pass ratio saw a huge leap and has been averaging between 80-90 percent over the past five years. Another instance of the company’s versatility is the center of excellence they designed for a multinational IT company. The IT conglomerate wanted to develop a competency center in the field of big data but had no idea how to go about this process. Aziksa acted as a consultant to design and develop the entire program that has now been rolled out as a multi-million dollars project.

Aziksa has been increasingly investing in AI to make the distribution of knowledge more targeted. By using AI to monitor the performance of students in the classroom, the areas of improvement are identified, and each student is then aided using intelligent chatbots. If this does not improve their understanding, they are then redirected to a live instructor to help them clarify their concepts. Through perseverance and an unwavering dedication toward developing cost-efficient and intelligent learning systems, Aziksa is on the course of becoming the leader in the corporate LMS segment.