DOCEBO: Creating an Unparalleled Learning Experience

Claudio Erba, Founder & CEO, DOCEBOClaudio Erba, Founder & CEO It was 2005, when Docebo’s Founder and CEO Claudio Erba was working at the University of Florence as an IT consultant, and was offered a contract by a client that needed support for storing educational material. The storage solution then offered by Erba to this client later evolved into what is acclaimed as Docebo across the globe. Ever since, the company has been providing a learning management system (LMS) for companies along with their employees, partners, and customers.

Initially, Docebo’s LMS platform for e-Learning was offered at a considerably low cost and generated revenues through installation, consultation services, and customization of the platform. Later in 2011, the product was migrated to the cloud and was rendered on a monthly subscription basis. The company today offers an “easy to scale” integrated learning environment to help deliver and manage corporate training and produce a quick return on investment (ROI).

Docebo LMS’ key features—APIs, Coach & Share, and Perform—enable users to organize, track, and distribute online courses for formal, informal, and social learning. The technology-independent APIs allow customers to perform any integration related to courses and training materials. The Coach & Share feature empowers employees to ask questions and get answers from subject matter experts within their organization and then share them across teams. When an organization witnesses skill gap among employees, Perform targets their learning courses to bridge the identified gaps thereby boosting employee performance.

Docebo’s cloud-based LMS boosts performance of the users and enhances their learning experience. The platform offers the ability to combine coaching with social and formal learning has been validated by the 70/20/10 model.

Docebo LMS delivers, manages, and tracks web-based training (WBT), instructor-led training (ILT), and blended learning activities

This model allows people to learn faster and create knowledge ensuring overall business success.

Docebo LMS is not only an e-Learning tool but a product that was designed to be implemented on a SaaS platform with features and modules that can be managed according to the customers’ requirements. With component-based architecture, the platform is extendable and flexible, and is known for its user-friendly and modern UI/UIX. Docebo LMS delivers, manages, and tracks web-based training (WBT), instructor-led training (ILT), and blended learning activities. In addition, it is the only e-Learning platform that amalgamates formal, social, and experiential learning with skills management to enhance learner performance.

The Docebo LMS platform is easy to install and can be tested by the users themselves. “We have made a leap, from the classic software to a turnkey product. But it was not easy, we had to simplify all user enabling processes, change interfaces,” says Erba. Till date, the platform has been sold in more than 80 countries in over 35 languages. Docebo caters to more than 1,300 clients across the globe that includes both mid-sized and large organizations along with their employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, Docebo is rapidly expanding its reach in the e-Learning market. The company has also received numerous accolades for improving learning outcomes for the customers through its LMS platform.

Docebo continuously leverages innovation and optimizes user experience and engagement. “With the growing e-Learning industry and increasing user demands, we are also evolving,” emphasizes Erba. Docebo takes pride in its dedication towards exploring and implementing new technologies to solve customers’ problems, with the vision to create improved learning experiences.
Lately, the firm has launched Docebo Pages, an offering that gives training managers the capability to design, build, and manage any page or list of commands for their learning platform with respect to the unique needs of different learning groups. Docebo Pages provides a variety of widgets and templates along with the ability to assign a particular navigation path to each group of users. This offers unlimited customizing capabilities for LMS admins that translate into exceptional learning experiences for learners.

Docebo is working closely with its customers and has realized the need to customize dashboards and several other elements of the user experience. After analyzing the collective feedback of its customers, the team has come up with something unique. Instead of altering dashboards or adding any new settings, Docebo has empowered the LMS admins with tools to design and control the UI completely without using coding.

"Docebo takes pride in its dedication towards exploring and implementing new technologies to solve customers’ problems, with the vision to create improved learning experiences"

Recently, Docebo has partnered with LinkedIn to innovate in the learning space. The partnership program aims to empower the learners with LinkedIn’s learning catalogue of over 12,000 top-notch learning courses within their Docebo content marketplace. Since its launch in 2017, Docebo’s e-Learning content marketplace has made buying and delivering high-quality e-Learning content simpler than ever before. The company is excited to expand its portfolio with LinkedIn Learning that shares its vision of transforming the way people learn. Docebo is committed to offering organizations and learners incomparable content directly from the Docebo learning platform.

Lately, Docebo has adopted a regional cloud hosting approach to ensure that its LMS platform delivers unmatched service, speed, and security to all the platform users irrespective of their locations. This approach gives Docebo a way to establish a strong foundation to meet the requirements of a fast-evolving SaaS-based learning environment. This gives the customers a platform that reliably, efficiently, and securely brings their learning strategies and activities to life in a way that empowers and engages the learners.
- Shikha patra
    June 22, 2018