ej4: E-Learning Redefined

CIO VendorRyan Eudy, CEO
On-boarding new hires is always a daunting task for every organization. Ensuring employees are equally trained, and productive from the day one has been a challenge for human resource (HR) department. Besides, teaching various geographically scattered sales representatives about newly launched products from anywhere anytime is another area in which companies struggle. Looking at this void, ej4 was started by few stand-up trainers in 2004. Recognizing the potential of video in enhancing the communication process, the company delivers video based e-Learning solutions that improve organizations’ overall performance. “With our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), we have been uploading streaming video on the internet even before YouTube was out,” begins Ryan Eudy, CEO, ej4.

ej4 constantly develops their LMS platform in line with changing facet of market needs. The company is focused on delivering off-the-shelf eLearning content and designing custom content for their customers to make the training process of their employees effortless. ej4’s content is stitched with a thread of engaging storytelling quality, which helps companies to generate high retention rate. As an expert in delivering specialized eLearning solutions, the company helps their customers with over 1500 new pre-recorded off-the-shelf courses on productivity, management, readership, compliance, safety, and sales. Its short format, to-the point content, on-demand anytime, anywhere availability are few factors that makes off-the-shelf eLearning content more striking to businesses for facilitating training. “We have developed this content with the help of industry expert project managers and instructional designers on-site and update them every month with new best practices,” says Eudy. “This way we transform the conventional HR space based on new and appealing learning resources.”

Going beyond delivering the pre-defined content format, ej4 meets the complex needs of corporate clients by designing custom eLearning courses.

Our LMS, Thinkzoom, is changing the definition of traditional HR by providing an abundance of engaging training tools and resources in one place without requiring users to be tech savvy to navigate

These courses are aimed to better convey management’s message, and value add in employees’ industry skills. ej4 offers a number of tools to create and integrate custom content. The company creates these customized learning videos by including industry-specific case studies, company message, interviews of company executives along with off-the-shelf content needle-crafted with custom script. “This gives the flexibility to cover any areas in which our customer needs training while creating a seamless, professional experience for users,” extols Eudy.

ej4’s learning solutions are effective for both Fortune 500 companies and small or mid-size businesses. As an example, Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS), an American soft drink company that acquired numerous distributors and bottlers, was struggling to instill the same DPS standard in their geographically dispersed workforce. Also, the newly acquired companies couldn’t match the standards of DPS, therefore, the company had to develop a training program that can be implemented quickly and effectively over a vast distance. DPS turned to ej4 for creating customized eLearning courses by mixing off-the-shelf and custom content videos. Employees now can watch those series of 8 to 10 minute videos from their desks, tablets and cell phones. Since DPS has implemented ej4’s eLearning solutions, their employees’ participation in training programs has highly increased, and they established a unified culture within the workforce.

ej4 is largely focused on localizing their content by adding sub-titles in various languages to make it more global. The company is also developing a reinforcement learning platform, 4tify. It is designed to reinforce the learning by sending multiple learning points to a user, every time after they take a course. In the coming years, ej4 will continue to innovate their content and learning management platform to remain competitive in today's evolving marketplace and meet the shifting needs of modern learning.