Mediasphere: Automating Workplace Compliance and Performance Management

Tony Carrucan, CEO, MediasphereTony Carrucan, CEO
InductNow, Mediasphere’s dedicated online training platform has reaffirmed its place as the leader in the online training software sector with the launch of InductNow Horizon. Mediasphere CEO, Tony Carrucan, explains that, “the innovation and automation of InductNow empowers our clients to craft their own compliance, competency and certification training portals.”

Tony is exuberant about the fact that roles have been reversed. “Our clients do not have to learn about how our software functions. InductNow has the intelligence to consume our client’s workflows and business practices. We are proud of the fact that all of our customers have their own unique deployments of InductNow,” explains Tony.

Since 2006, InductNow has been the software of choice for many leading companies including BMW, Mantra Group, Rio Tinto, Aviation Australia and an additional 500 businesses globally. InductNow also manages online induction and competency training for staff, contractors and visitors for the Federal, State and Territory Governments.

Tony Carrucan explains that, “InductNow Horizon will finally deliver HR professionals with unrivalled visibility and reporting on their staff and contractors.” In addition to using InductNow to build courses and track all learners, “the new software allows organisations to assign personalised training programs, face-to-face events and webinars to their own hierarchical training groups.”

Tony clarifies that, “the changing workplace has compelled us to rethink the traditional LMS.” “Online induction used to involve converting PowerPoint presentations to courses and adding assessment to track staff progress. We have listened to HR and Safety Managers and understand that our software needs to provide personalised dashboards that guide on-boarding, deliver WHS compliance with 360 feedback and then develop staff talent with personalised competency programs.”

Mediasphere was awarded as Australia’s most innovative ICT company when the group engineered a new way to approach corporate eLearning.

InductNow has the intelligence to consume our client’s workflows and business practices

Tony explains that, “we realised that producing compliant and competency based learner data was not the end point. The innovation is based on unlocking and packaging the data to deliver this to the key players in a company to make informed decisions.” As a result, InductNow Horizon now delivers:

• Learner Visual Reports on learning style, risk and capability profiles, pass rates, course progress, webinar and event bookings
• Manager Visual Reports with team risk and capability profiles, 360 feedback, and induction status.
• Real-time Notifications that manage risk and compliance by pushing alerts to learners and managers
• Personal Training Records that manage the collection and publishing of all internal and external training
• Data Integration with payroll, HRIS, CRM and Intranet software

Mediasphere continues to break new ground and to lead the online induction market. The software offers the most comprehensive set of tools to deliver a self-managed solution for Mediasphere’s growing list of clients. Mediasphere is the only company to embrace SaaS pricing models and although the software is used by some of the largest corporate clients in the world, the majority of Mediasphere’s clients are small to medium sized companies who have the same requirements but not the same budgets. InductNow is offered to clients globally with new offices opened recently in London, Wellington, New Delhi and Dubai.

In 2016, Mediasphere partnered with TikForce Ltd to deliver a world-first in online corporate training. With TikForce Real ID technology integration, InductNow offers facial and vocal recognition to deliver identity management. In addition, TikForce technology allows Mediasphere to validate credentials, police checks and other critical employer documentation. “We have also partnered with My Potentia to provide an advanced psychological assessment tool for our clients,” says Tony.

Tony concludes that, “We are proud to be the thought leader in our industry and we will continue to look to our clients to provide us with the innovation that challenges us to deliver on their exact business needs.”