PeopleFluent: Enabling New Age Learning Management

Jim Bowley, VP of Product Management, PeopleFluentJim Bowley, VP of Product Management
In the past, learning was about going to sources of knowledge, reading, researching, confirming and then doing things. According to Jim Bowley, VP of Product Management at PeopleFluent that traditional learning model – both inside and outside the workplace – is being disrupted by new age learning techniques and technologies that shrink the distance between knowledge and the learners who can use it in their jobs.

“If I want to learn to mix a mojito, change the water filter in my refrigerator, understand a warning light in my car, all it takes is a two-minute visit to YouTube,” says Bowley. “That same immediacy of learning and knowledge sharing is becoming pervasive within organizations who have even more reason to transform the learning function at their companies into a race to make knowledge available to use as fast as possible by the people who can use it to help the business compete.”

“Video’s potential to enhance communication and complement, and in some case displace traditional online courses mirrors the ‘how-to’ or tutorial videos that are pervasive on YouTube,” remarks Bowley. This digital avalanche in learning plays a critical role in retaining talent and filling a void in key skill sets among the workforce. Waltham-based talent management company PeopleFluent addresses this issue with their learning management solution. Core solution capabilities simplify a learner’s experience beginning with the course and registration process and also offers administrators robust compliance, competency, and certification management.

PeopleFluent embeds engaging videos with learning materials in its proprietary platform, PeopleFluent Learning. This cloud-based learning system’s learning videos can be leveraged for training or for ‘coaching in context’ by customers as an embedded capability. Embedded video plays the role of a ‘tutorial’ and answers their queries regarding any business problem.

PeopleFluent creates an engaging learning experience, enriched by engaging video so that people on the team can connect with their peers throughout the organization to learn and grow

PeopleFluent Learning delivers high-impact learning programs that features formal and informal learning including instructor-led training (ILT), e-Learning, virtual classroom, video and social collaboration, as well as the back-end content management and reporting capabilities. Additionally, the PeopleFluent Learning platform enhances administrative efficiency by creating centrally managed learning activities through configuration and automation. It also eases instructors to oversee learners and results by giving them the access to virtual classroom integration tools coupled with administrative tools. Furthermore, the compliance tracking capability helps companies to mitigate risk by automating learning assignments with required certifications and generates revenue streams. The company also drives social learning where clients can directly engage with others and mitigate their queries by creating a customer community.

PeopleFluent serves several Fortune 100 organizations in sectors like healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing that include large, small, and medium-sized businesses worldwide. In highly regulated industries like healthcare, PeopleFluent’s compliance strength is particularly valuable as companies substantiate their team’s readiness to perform their responsibilities.

The company is not only encouraging businesses to take the course, but also deliver a peer-to-peer learning experience through community learning. “Social and video capabilities make PeopleFluent stand out in the market,” says Bowley. “We are concentrating more on providing an engaging learning experience, enriched with videos so that people can connect with others outside their hierarchy, learn, and grow.”

PeopleFluent is also optimizing the user experience for administrators.“We have learned a lot from our use cases and how our customers use our LMS,” says Bowley. “By leveraging this experience, PeopleFluent is making learning more pervasive and effective within organizations.”