Schoox: Growth-oriented Knowledge Sharing

Lefteris Ntouanoglou, Co-founder & CEO, SchooxLefteris Ntouanoglou, Co-founder & CEO
An avid learner, Lefteris Ntouanoglou’s passion for sharing knowledge and experience with friends was the impetus behind establishing Schoox, a talent development platform with an intuitive, social, and mobile interface that is perfect for hard-to-engage learners of any age. While most Learning Management Systems (LMS) are built to meet legal compliance, at Schoox, “We place the employee at the center, support the knowledge acquisition process, and help them learn and develop the skills— contributing to business growth,” explains Ntouanoglou, Co-founder & CEO, Schoox. Challenging the status quo of learning and talent management, Schoox empowers organizations to develop their employees’ talent and improve their contribution to growing the business.

Considering the fact that millennials comprise a sizeable percentage of the employee population, Ntouanoglou acknowledges that “learning” happens at the individual pace of each employee—consuming information in snippets combined with social interaction. Schoox’s unique talent development platform combines information snippets and accomplishment recognition with gamification elements like leaderboards, badges, and levels— driving competition and making learning fun and essential. “It is about increasing the employee’s probability of acquiring and efficiently using the procured knowledge,” says Ntouanoglou. Besides gamification, Schoox positions mobility as one of the most important elements, allowing employees to connect, compete, and share information from any device. The platform also allows employees to upload videos and documents and create custom training courses.
Employees can get customized training sessions based on any desired job—with a completely automated and personalized learning path—to acquire required skills and knowledge.

Schoox also boasts shorter implementation periods, for example, they installed their solution in an organization with over 500,000 employees across 120 countries in just a week. Schoox can import and prop historical data and user-base from old LMSs with respective permissions and upload new content and courses. Using public APIs, Schoox can integrate with organization’s existing HRIS systems for generating updates on the user-base, job changes, and deactivation and activation of new users. From an organizations’ perspective, Schoox offers—Business Impact Dashboard—a tool to track employee performance that helps them to explore the impact of the entire learning and knowledge acquisition process. The training and curriculum can be tailored to achieve the desired outcomes from a business performance viewpoint.

One of the largest client engagements of Schoox was with a leading fast food chain, Five Guys— with over 1000 stores, housing 30000 employees. The management lacked in-depth reporting to track progress on individual course and curriculum. Following a hybrid corporate franchise structure, Five Guys had to address four critical requirements: easy adaptability with existing organizational structure, mobile content delivery, flexible out-of-the-box reporting, and multi-language capability. Schoox materialized as the perfect solution for them, enabling rapid development of courses and content with existing data and structure. Smooth implementation yielded a tremendous amount of time-saving benefits, allowing employees more freedom to take training courses from any location or devices.

While delivering future-ready LMS, Schoox is focused on capturing new trends and surprising customers with disruptive approaches and features. Schoox is working on several modules, one being the “onboarding module”—built not only from a payroll perspective but also from a training, knowledge, acquisition, and cultural perspective; and the “perception gap module”—that will track any differences between employees’ perception of themselves and the manager’s outlook about them. Ntouanoglou affirms, “Further enhancements will reinforce Schoox’s comprehensive learning and guarantee that learners retain information even after the completion of training.”